Super variegated Vanilla Planifolia 3″ to 5″ long plants

We are in the winter months. We won’t be able to fulfill or hold orders if you live up north, and will have to decline the sale. Please wait until your area is in the 50’s to buy a plant. If we have something that you like but it’s too cold let us know and we will try our best to keep that plant propagated. We will not be offering heat packs, as the cold winter air can cause them to fail while in transit and damage or kill your plant. 

Grow your own vanilla beans!! 

The vines are 3-5 inches long with a main tap root. They are rooted cuttings. 

Keep indoors and grow as a houseplant. 

Light: A south facing window will do. 

Vines will reach a total of 20 feet when mature. Easy to train to grow around a stake in the pot. I suggest to start it out in a 3″ or 4″ pot. 

Soil: sphagnum moss or a terrestrial orchid soil mix. 

Water: once a week but do not allow moss to dry out completely. Misting daily is helpful for humidity, but do not mist in the evening and night. Morning only. They are highly susceptible to stem and root rot. 

Hardiness zone: 11 (we grow them strictly as house plants. They grow excellent and at a faster pace in a greenhouse.) 

The vanilla vines are very sensitive to the cold. I won’t ship vanilla plants if daytime highs are under 55 degrees. I do look up temperature on the weather channel app for each area that someone purchased from. 

Please note that these are not plants for beginners. 

You will receive a small plant similar to the one in the photos. 

I ship bare root to keep low on S&H costs. 

It will not come in a pot. The pot pictured is a suggestion of what to grow it in.

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