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The ‘Dente’ Venus fly trap has unusual traps with saw like teeth. Harmless to humans, but deadly to bugs! This is not your common Venus flytrap.

Suitable for container or bog. This is not a houseplant. Venus flytraps are temperate environment plants. They are originally native to North Carolina. Hot summers and cold winters, so they do require dormancy in the winter. 

Light: Part sun to full sun. The inside of the traps will turn more red when placed in the sun. We keep them in part sun down here in central Florida, because full sun can be very harsh on them. 

Water: use distilled, reverse osmosis, or rain water only! Tap water will slowly kill the roots because of the chemicals that are used to clean the drinking water. Keep container in a saucer of water at all times. Do not allow the plant to dry out! It will cause damage and even death to the plant. It naturally grows in a bog. 

DO NOT FERTILIZE!!! The insects that they catch are all they need. 

Soil: use pure Canadian peat moss only. Make sure you get a brand that doesn’t contain any trace minerals. The brand that we use is Black Gold. 

Winter Care: plant will go dormant in the late fall when temperatures drop down, and daylight is shorter. All of the traps will turn black, but the rhizome will stay green. If you live in an area that gets too cold (zones 6 and lower) or zones that stay too warm (9b and higher) you will want to place the plant in your refrigerator. If you live in zones 7-9a, you can keep it outside, but protect them from arctic blasts. If you are growing it in a bog, put a tarp over it during that time. If growing in a container, you can bring it in and place it in the refrigerator until the arctic blast is over. 

You will receive a healthy plant in a 4″ pot with pure Canadian peat moss. 


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