Stapeliae ‘Carrion flower’


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There are many varieties of stinky flowers and this is one of them. I don’t find it as strong in smell as the gigantea, but if you are into smelly plants this one is for you. The reason why the flowers from this plant, is because it uses flies to pollinate it instead of bees. Drought tolerant and very easy to grow! 


Light: part sun, if grown indoors place in a bright window. When grown outside they prefer to be in the shade. 

Water: allow soil to dry about 1” below the surface of the soil. Water sparingly in the winter

soil: well draining cacti and succulent soil

Fertilize: monthly with a fertilizer for cacti and succulents

Hardiness Zone: 10

you will get a plant in a 4” pot. Flowers will not be packed with the plant to avoid a stinky package.

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