Stapelia Gigantea ‘Starfish cactus’


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this cactus doesn’t have any prickly spikes! The flowers are very beautiful and really does look like a starfish. This is also called a Carrion plant, because the flowers smell like rotten meat. It is best to let it bloom while outdoors. The plant is very easy to grow. Propagates easily from cuttings! 

Light: bright indirect window if grown indoors. If outdoors, grow in part sun to full shade. Avoid full sun, especially afternoon sun. 

Soil: well draining soil. We use cacti and succulent soil. 

Water: Every couple of weeks. Allow soil to dry out completely. Refrain from watering in the winter. 

Fertilize: we use regular cacti and succulent fertilizer. 

Your plant will be shipped bare root. You’ll get a plant similar to the one in the photo. 

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