Sarracenia ‘Bug Bat’


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Beautiful tall pitchers with purple coloring when mature. 

These plants are very young, and were grown in a tissue culture lab to ensure healthy disease free plants.

Suitable for bog gardens, and containers

Water: Sarracenias like their feet wet as they grow in bogs in the wild. Please use rain water, distilled water, or reverse osmosis. Tap water will burn the roots and eventually kill the plant. Don’t allow plant to dry out, as it can do irreversible damage and kill the plant. Always keep a few inches of water in saucer.

DO NOT FERTILIZE!! The bugs that they catch are their fertilizer. If you ever try to fertilize the plant, the roots will burn and it will die really fast.

Dormancy: The plants will go dormant in fall and winter. This is normal, the plants need winter dormancy to stay healthy and live for many years. Protect from arctic blasts by brining plant indoors if in the pot, or a tarp over the bog garden. Repot every spring with pure Canadian Peat moss. We use the black gold brand, and it is mineral free.

Light:Full Sun (Adjust plant to full sun. two weeks in part sun, then graduate to full sun. Do this carefully to avoid sunburn.)

Zones: 6-9

I will ship them in a 4″ pot with pure Canadian peat moss.

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