Pony tail palm (indoor bonsai)


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Great for beginner bonsai. It can tolerate lower humidity than some other bonsai trees. If you’re looking for a palm tree bonsai art, this is the one to go with! 

Water: stick your finger in the soil, and water if it is dry to the touch. Do not allow the soil to become too dry. Check your soil daily to see if your tree needs water. 

Humidity: Bonsai trees require 60% high humidity. If your bonsai tree is indoors for the winter, spray with water once or twice a day. Keep on a humidity tray. You can achieve this by placing gravel or pebbles on a tray with little water, but do not let the water touch the bottom of the pot. Bonsai trees are normally outdoor plants, but indoor bonsai require to be indoors for the cold months because they are tropical trees and bushes. For outdoor bonsai, leave the tree outdoor year round but protect it from arctic blasts. 

Soil: We use a  bonsai tree mix for our soil, the top it with a layer sphagnum moss, and then lava rock as a dressing. Repot every other year, and only use bonsai soil mix. 

Fertilize: It’s very important that you fertilize your bonsai tree. Use a fertilizer specific for bonsai trees as directed on the label of the fertilizer that you use. 

We will send detailed care instructions on the specific bonsai tree that you purchase. There are many books and YouTube tutorials for caring for your bonsai. Some nurseries also offer bonsai care classes. 

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