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Beautiful white and yellow flowers. Very healthy trees grown from cuttings. Plumerias are very rewarding to grow when you see their beautiful blooms, and fragrance! Plumerias can be grown up north with proper care! Bring some tropical plants to your yard, or greenhouse! You will get one of the plants in the photo shipped bare root, and no leaves. I will trim off the leaves prior to shipping. Start in a 1 gallon pot. 

Light: full sun-part shade

soil: well draining soil 

water: water daily in the hot summer. Refrain from watering in the winter months. Do not over water or soak as they are susceptible to rotting. If over wintering inside your home, do not water until spring. 

Dormancy: Leaves will start to fall off late fall and cease blooming. It may happen sooner if living up north and having to bring it indoors. 

Hardiness zone: 9B-11 if you live under zone 9B please keep in a container and bring indoors when temperatures start going below 50. They can die from getting too cold. If you live in 9B-10A, cover with a thick blanket if you get a cold night that will bring frost. Well established plumerias will survive much easier. It’s best to plant a plumeria in the ground in the spring. We have several plumerias in our personal collection, and they do very well in our 9b winter months. 


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