Pinguicula Primulflora (Butterwort)


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Commonly known as Primrose Butterwort. It’s a hardy butterwort native to Alabama, Mississippi, and the Florida panhandle. Because of this, we don’t recommend growing them in a terrarium. This is quite a gem to add to your carnivorous plant collection. They give out lovely light purple flowers. Can be grown in a bright windowsill, or in a bog. Butterworts catch their prey, by a dew  like secretion on their leaves. Similar to a sundew’s sap. The bug passes by, and lands on it, the insect is stuck to the plant and unable to escape.  With proper care, your butterwort will reward you with babies in the spring! 

Light: bright light with direct morning sun. A bright window sill will be fine if you are growing strictly in doors. 

Water: loves to be evenly moist, but not too wet. Place in a saucer with distilled water, reverse osmosis, or rain water. Never use tap water. 

Soil: butterwort mix soil, or cp mix soil (1 part peat, 1 part vermiculite, 1 part perlite) if you make your own mix, please make sure the soil is free of any nutrients or trace minerals) 

hardiness zones: 8-9 can be grown as a house plant in a windowsill if you don’t live in those zones. 

you will get a plant similar to the ones in the photo. Plants are shipped bare root. Please have your pot ready when it comes in. We recommend starting your plant out in a 4” pot. These little plants will grow and need plenty of room to reproduce. For a bigger wow factor, we recommend 3 in a 6” pot. 


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