Nematanthus goldfish plant ‘Cheerio’


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This plant gets its name from the goldfish looking flowers. This plant is adorable while in bloom. It can flower anytime of year. 

Water: keep evenly moist but not soaked.

Humidity: use a humidity tray or grow near a humidifier. Humidity is key to get it to thrive and keep pests away. 

Soil: use soil that retains moisture. African violet soil is good. 

Light: bright indirect sunlight. If growing outside, partial sun. 

Tip: for a bushier plant, pinch off the tips of the vines, and let it branch out. 

Hardiness Zone: 10-11 some growers in 9b claimed to successfully grow them outdoors year round as ground cover for their gardens. 

You will receive a small plant in a 4” pot similar to the one in the photos. 


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