Monstera Adasonii (Swiss cheese vine)


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Highly sought after plant. Known as a type of Swiss cheese vine. These are good size vines. Leaf sizes may vary.

Please be aware that some of these plants may droop while in transit, but will perk up in a couple weeks. 

Water: weekly. Don’t allow to fully dry out. Plant will wilt if it isn’t getting enough water. Water frequently if growing outside, but don’t overwater 

Soil: good well draining soil

light: full shade for outdoors. Leaves can burn easily in the sun. We are growing them in full shade, so please do not place it in part sun.  Filtered sunlight if growing indoors 

usda hardiness zone 10-11

you will receive a plant similar to the one in the photos. We will ship bare root. We suggest starting the plant in a 6” pot. These would be too top heavy for anything smaller. 



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