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Color changing light on top of cork top vase, turning your Marimo ball set up into a light show display! Makes a perfect gift. Kids love them. Comes with sand, nano Marimo ball, sea fan coral, 1 Swarovski Pearl, 2 small yellow shells OR 1 candy stripe shell. Just send a message and let us know which shell you want with your Aquascape vase. Will not come with water for shipping reasons. You will put it together which is very easy to set up. I found making these quite enjoyable. 

rinse sands and add to the vase. Add water filling 3/4 of it. Do not fill it all the way up. You don’t want to get the cork or light wet. Add the sea fan, shells, pearl and Marimo ball arrange as you want it to look like. 

activate the light by gently popping it out of the cork top. Screw the light loose. Once it comes apart, remove the white plastic. Make sure the batteries stay in place. Screw the light back together until the light turns on. Place back into the hole, and enjoy the light show! Turn off the light by screwing it loose but not fully apart. 

care for Marimo ball: 

light: filtered sunlight or keep in a room. They do fine under a desk lamp.

water: keep submerged in water. Do water changes every other week, or if water gets cloudy. this will be a good time to check your Marimo ball and give it a rinse under some running water. Squeeze gently, roll in the palm of your hand to keep it round. 

fertilize: to keep it healthy use a Marimo ball plant food. You can find them on amazon or eBay. 

never leave your Marimo ball in heat or hot water. Never leave soap in the Marimo Aquascape. There is no need to use chemicals when cleaning out the vase. 

grooming tip: remove any occasional brown spots you may find on your Marimo ball. This won’t hurt it, it just no longer needs the dead algae on it. Kind of like removing a dead leaf from a regular plant. 

Marimo balls grow slow, and will live for many years with proper care. 

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