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Beautiful Marimo Aquascape necklace to wear or give to the plant and jewelry lover. easy to care for! 
Marimo is not a type of moss. It is a type of algae native to Japan. 
Each necklace contains: 

1 Marimo ball (cut to fit the beautiful Aquascape) 



1 seashell 

1 Swarovski Pearl 

1 piece of sea fan coral 

The necklace comes with 2 chains. 
one silver plated 18” chain, and one 38 inch silver plated ball chain

will be sent in a black velvet pouch. 

you will get a necklace like the one pictured s please note that not all two coral, shells, pearls, and Marimo are exactly the same. Sizes, shape and colors can slightly be different. This will be your own unique piece of art. 

care instructions: 
keep water inside at all times. You can do a water change every two weeks with a small eye dropper or syringe to remove and add water. Be careful to not suck up the sand. 

light: regular filtered light. Can even be under a lamp light (not one for plant lights) we keep them in a room with filtered sunlight. 

Fertilize: use one small drop of Marimo ball food to keep them green and vibrant. Can be found on amazon or eBay. 

Temperature: regular room temperature is ideal.

Do not leave in heat, or wear outside on very hot days. If delivered on a hot day, remove hot water and replace with room temperature water immediately! 

Do not shower, swim, or sweat when wearing jewelry of any kind. If you are going to be outdoors all day, I advise against wearing the necklace that day. 

Do not leave Marimo Aquascape in a car. These aren’t meant to be used as a car ornament. 

Do not leave in the velvet bag for any long period of time. 

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