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Very neat plants that thrive on neglect! They are native to South Africa. In the wild, they get very little water. They do flower from the middle and when they split, they are getting new growth. Do not water them until the outer leaves are shriveled and new ones are fully emerged. You will receive a bare root lithops so please have a small pot with gritty well draining soil. There are soil “recipes” for what experienced growers use for their own lithops. 


Water: rarely. Water when the old growth is completely dead and shriveled. The new growth that just emerged will need a thorough watering. One grower, suggests to watering only once a year ( Every 10 months). 

Light: south or west facing window will help them  stay healthy. If you don’t have a south or west facing window, then you’ll need a grow light. 

Soil: very gritty well draining soil. 

I do not recommend anybody growing them outside. They do like a dry environment. Too much humidity will kill them. 


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