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Highly sought after, and very fast growing tree. This banana is not found in your grocery store. This isn’t your typical banana! It has a sweet taste, and a creamy texture. The sweetest banana that you will ever taste. The skin of the banana is blue and the leaves will have a blue hue once the tree is mature enough, giving it its name ‘blue java’. It will grow to be 10-15 feet tall. One of the most cold hardy bananas out there!

Light: part to full sun. I recommend that you acclimate this plant to full sun before putting it in its permanent location.

Water: allow to approach dryness if growing in a pot.

Soil: well draining soil. We grow our bananas in sandy soil

Hardiness zone 8-11 all other zones grow as a patio plant and take indoors once daytime lows are in the 40’s.

Start out in a 6” pot, and transplant to one gallon when it reaches a 24”. You will get a 12” or more plant similar to the one in the photo. Hurry before they get too big to ship!

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