Dwarf Pomegranate (punica granatum ‘dwarf red’)


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Great little tree/shrub to use for bonsai or landscaping. Produces bright orange flowers followed by small ornamental fruit. Fruit is non-edible and not recommended for consumption. These are small babies with delicate trunks. They’re about 6-12” as of June 27th. They mature at 3 to 4 feet. You can trim it and train it however you wish. We don’t know how they would do indoors as a house plant. Please note that the picture of the mature plant is a reference of what you will have as an adult. The tree will be shipped bare root. They do really well in containers. 

Light: part sun to full shade. 

Water: daily in the summer. we give them a thorough watering in the morning and evening. 

soil: well draining potting soil

usda hardiness zones 7b-11 (if you live below zone 7b please over winter indoors) 



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