Dorsera Spatulata ‘Spoon Leaf Sundew’


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Beautiful tropical carnivorous plant that is grown as a houseplant on a bright windowsill all year round. Perfect for terrariums. They have a scent that will attract any small pesky insect and “eat” it. We humans can’t pick up on this light scent but the bugs can! The leaves curl over it’s prey, and it dissolves in a few days. The dew makes this plant “sparkle” in the sun. It is a easy carnivorous plant to grow! Great for someone that wants to start growing bug eating plants, or to add to your collection! Freely makes babies by spreading out. Loves to bloom and make seeds. It produces little pink flowers. You will get a plant similar to the ones in the photos. Plants will be shipped bare root to avoid damage to the plant, and keep down s&h costs. 

Light: bright window sill or grow light. This is a sun loving plant, and will lose it’s dew if light is too low 

Water: keep the pot in a dish with distilled, RO, or rain water at all times. Never allow to dry out, as it will kill your plant. Watering from the top can cause crown rot. 

Soil: mineral free pure Canadian peat moss, or basic carnivorous soil mix. We use the Black Gold brand for our plants. 

Zone: 10 all other zones should grow it as a house plant. 


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