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Sundews are beautiful carnivorous plants. They glisten in the sun. They attract their prey by producing a sticky sap like substance on their leaves. The small bug walks on the leaf, and gets stuck. The leaf will curl up around the insect, then it will consume the insect. 


The spoon leaf sundew is a tropical plant so it will have to come in for the winter. 

Water: distilled water or rain water only, and constant need of water in a saucer beneath the pot. Keep soil wet and do not let it dry out. 

Soil: Pure Canadian peat moss, or a soil mix specifically for carnivorous plants. Do not use any other type of potting soil, as added minerals will burn the roots. 

Light: part sun, protect from harsh afternoon sun

You will receive a sundew like the ones in the photo in a 3-4” pot. 

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