Colocasia Tropical Storm (Young plant)


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Lovely dark green leaves with a white center. White center will show up longer as the plant matures. Beautiful addition to your garden you will receive a 8-12” plant similar to the ones in the first photo. Second photo is to show what they look like when mature. Each plant differs in size. Leaf numbers differ as well. Some plants have 3 or 4, and some have 2 leaves. We recommend starting the plant out in a 6” pot or bigger for fast growth. Plant will be shipped bare root to keep down shipping costs. Can be planted in the ground for best results. This colocasia is a dwarf clumping variety that will only mature to 2-3 feet. 

Please note that colocasia tend to wilt when in transit. Do not worry as they will perk up within a couple weeks or sooner. Please do not cut the plant back. 

Water: daily during the summer monthsl. No water when dormant. 

soil: well draining potting soil

light: part sun to full sun.

Zones 7b-10. If under zone 7b, dig up and store in a paper bag in a dry place during the winter. 


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