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Eugenia are great for Bonsai and landscaping trees. This is one of our pre-bonsai trees. It will take 5 years to become a completed bonsai tree. This is a tropical bonsai tree,so bring it indoors for the winter. 

Water: when bonsai soil is dry, but don’t allow the plant to wilt. We water once a week, but you might need to water more often depending on your enviroment. 

soil: bonsai soil mix. There are many brands out there so you can choose what you feel is best for your bonsai. 

Fertilize: we use a specific bonsai fertilizer. 

Humidity: use a humidity tray when growing indoors. Mist daily. 

Light: south facing window when indoors. Part sun when growing outdoors. 

Hardiness zones 9-10

For best health, check on your bonsai every day.

Trim and shape the tree to your liking. There are all kinds of books out there to read and see what kind of shape that you would like your tree to be. Bonsai is a great and addicting hobby to get into.  You will receive the plant that is pictured in the pot. Lava rocks will be included for the top dressing. 

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