Begonia Harmony’s Fire Woman (young plants)


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Gorgeous purple, pink and white tricolor leaves, that SPARKLE in a bright windowsill.

*Please note that this new batch is fresh from production, and very young. Plants will get colorful as they mature. 

Light: Full shade if grown outdoors, bright indirect light if grown as a house plant. Never place in full sun.

Humidity: Begonias thrive in high humidity. If growing indoors use a humidifier. Leaves will become brittle on the edge of the leaves if not getting enough humidity.

Temperature: 70-80 degrees if indoors, if outdoors they can tolorate high temps under 100 dgrees

Zones 10-12 Zones 9 and below can grow as an annual or houseplant

Water: allow the top soil to dry, do not allow plant to soak. If plant keeps drooping, repot the plant into a inch or two bigger.

Soil: Soil for flowers, or african violet soil mix

Dormancy: Will go dormant in the fall. Dropping leaves is normal. Water lightly during dormancy.

You will get a plant in a 4″ pot similar to the one pictured

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