Adenium desert rose “Sun King”


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Desert roses make great bonsai. Drought tolorent, and sun loving plants. They winter well indoors, but don’t be alarmed if they lose their leaves. It’s normal for them to drop their leaves, and even during shipping.

Light: Part sun (protect from mid-day sun if growing outside)

zone 10 to 11

suitable for containers, bring inside for the winter when lows are in the 40’s when growing up north.

Water: Keep moderately moist in the summer, reduce in the winter.

Soil: keep in a well drained soil (cactus soil with lava rocks for best drainage)

Will be shipped bare root to keep down cost of S&H. I can’t promise that flowers, buds, and leaves will stay on during shipping. Start it out in at least a 6” pot. You will get the one in the pictures.

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