Nepenthes Ventricosa Red Pitcher

Nepenthes are a tropical pitcher plant that grow under trees in forests. They are also related to orchids. They’re very easy to care for house plant.Care:  When the pitchers are small or when indoors, feed at least one pitcher a food fish pellet. The ones marketed for betta fish are the ones to use.  Keep moist and don’t allow soil to dry out. I plant mine in sphagnum moss. I suggest using that while they’re small because they don’t have a big root system. Their root ball is very small right now, so don’t be alarmed when you get it in and see very short roots. I’m the wild, they are attatched to trees, like the way orchids, bromeliads and airplants grow.  These plants are currently growing in flats, and I will NOT ship it in a pot. I ship most of my starter plants  bare root. You can start your plants in at least a 3″ or 4″ pot. Keep soil damp at all times. However, do not keep it soaked.  If you live in zone 10, you can grow it outside year round in the shade. People under zone 10 should grow as a houseplant. You can let the plants grow outdoors in the shade during the summer months. Take the plants indoors when the low temps are under 45. They are carnivorous and love to eat bugs! When bugs aren’t available use betta pellets. NEVER feed ground beef or anything of that sort to your nepenthes.

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