Low-maintenance plants you should have in your garden

Having a garden seems like a huge responsibility for any homeowner, but there’s no need to be intimidated by having a green space. You can have a good-looking garden if you know what kinds of versatile shrubs and flowers you can plant. To give you an idea of what to add to your garden, here are Coastal Tropicals’ suggestions for you:

Japanese pachysandra

Perhaps the toughest plant on this list, the Japanese pachysandra features a density that makes your garden look like it has a patch of green carpet. The plant can tolerate minimal sunlight and occasional foot traffic. Even if you have pets and children that roam around your garden excitedly, it’s no problem for the Japanese pachysandra.

Japanese pachysandra do not like wet soil, so keep your garden well-drained for the wet season and don’t water it too much when the weather is warm. Keeping the right moisture for the soil will improve the drought resilience of Japanese pachysandra. Make sure not to expose them to too much sunlight, or their leaves will quickly wither.


Peony is a romantic flower that also symbolises beauty, wealth, and honour. Such concepts deserve to last a long time, which is why the peony is the appropriate symbol for them. Aside from the flower, the peony’s leaves are also attractive because of its autumnal colours. 

Peonies love full exposure to sunlight but hate constant disturbances such as strong winds, which is why they need to be reinforced by adding stakes beside their stems. Transplanting is also another disturbance that should be avoided. Other than that, a moist and fertile soil will be enough for peonies to thrive.


Catmint features a small but beautiful cluster of flowers and aromatic leaves. This plant can tolerate dry spells once it is well-established, so it is a good choice for homeowners who still want some colour in their space but don’t have the time to fully tend to the garden. Reproducing catmint is also easy, just divide its clusters while it is still young and give them space of at least 30 cm to grow.

Caring for catmint usually requires trimming down tall shoots after it flowers. This will encourage more blooming and provide a hibernation place for ladybirds. Just like the aforementioned plants, a well-drained soil will keep the catmint’s durability in top form. Also, make sure you keep clusters to a manageable size to keep the plant healthy.

If you live a busy life alone but you still want to have some green space in your home, try adding these plants into your garden. As long as you keep your soil fertile and give the plants enough water, there’s no need for you to worry. If you are passionate about gardening, you can also check out Coastal Tropicals’ website for other wonderful plants and flowers.

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