Frequently asked questions about fertilizers

Fertilizers are like vitamin supplements made for plants because of the different organic compounds found inside the mixture that makes it beneficial for plant growth and root stabilization. However, not all people understand how fertilizers work, which prevents them from using these for their plants.

To shed some light, here are some frequently asked questions about fertilizers and Coastal Tropicals is happy to answer them for you:

  1. Are fertilizers important for plants?

Nature, in general, provides an abundance of resources for every living organism. This includes nutrients for the different plants and crops that grow from the ground. When these are used up, the soil cannot restore everything in one go. That is why fertilizers are needed to ensure that the soil stays healthy.

Without fertilizers, the next plant to occupy the space would have a hard time growing and prospering. This is because the soil is already deteriorating and incapable of supporting new plants. 

  1. Are fertilizers harmful to plants?

There are two types of fertilizers that gardeners and farmers use. One, chemical fertilizers are the go-to product since it is inexpensive, has high nutrient content and is absorbed quickly by plants. However, the downside is that it causes nutrient loss, water contamination and soil acidification. These combined are harmful to the next plant seedlings that will occupy the soil. 

On the other hand, organic fertilizers are safer because they provide a balanced supply of nutrients, increase soil nutrient availability and soil water availability. Although, the con for this one is that it has low nutrient content and has a slow decomposition rate.

  1. What are fertilizers made out of?

Fertilizers are composed mainly of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compounds. These are the nutrients that are vital for plant growth. Moreover, it would contain blood meal, compost, bat guano, manure, seaweed and worm castings, in the case of organic fertilizers.

  1. When do you have to use fertilizers?

The best time to use fertilizers is during the peak growing cycle of plants. By adding this, you are giving the important nutrients that your plants need to achieve maximum and successful growth. To add fertilizer, make sure to mix them well with your plant’s soil bed.

  1. Can I create homemade fertilizer?

Yes! You most certainly can make fertilizer, and there are different ways to do it. Here are the most popular tutorials you can find online:

  • Grass clippings
  • Kitchen scraps
  • Weeds
  • Manure
  • Tree leaves
  • Coffee grounds
  • Eggshells
  • Banana peels.

Fertilisers are great for your plant’s health and growth, which is why you should always have them inside your gardening shelves and drawers. If you need more information about fertilisers, feel free to scour the blogs of Coastal Tropical to stay informed! Additionally, make sure you have enough to use for your plants. 

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